Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That one quality shot

One of the great things about golf is that even if you're a thoroughly average player (like me) you can from time to time pull off a shot that a pro would be proud of.

This happened to me on Saturday on the 17th hole on the Creek course at Indian Creek in Carrolton, Texas. I'd hit a reasonable drive about half way leaving me quite a way to go to get to the green. I'm not an expert on yardage but I'd say over 200 yards. From this distance I always reach for my 3-wood, which is my favourite club at the moment. I knew that if I was to hit it properly I could reach the green. I stepped up and as soon as I heard the ping I knew it was a nice shot. I looked up to see the ball flying as straight as an arrow right at the green. It landed short but rolled up and stayed there.

When I reached the green the ball was about three yards short of the hole. I two-putted for my only par of the day. Shame I didn't get the birdie, but this is a long par-4 (452 yards), so I was pretty pleased with myself.

The rest of the round pretty much sucked in the most part, but these are the memories you try to concentrate on because they're what the game is all about.

I did actually have one other memorable shot that round. I think it was the par-4 9th, and I hit the drive of my life. Beyond the cart signs, and mid-way between the 150-yard pole and the centre of the green. On a 367-yard hole I make that a tad under 300 yards. Unfortunately, despite a reasonble bump-and-run onto the green, I screwed up my putting and didn't even make par. But you need to concentrate on the positives, and that drive was certainly one of those...


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