Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Explaining the title

The title of this blog may confuse some, so here's an explanation.

In my day job I'm a software engineer. It's my job to ask questions that other people don't think to ask because to them they're common sense. The trouble is, everyone's 'common sense' is a little different, so when designing software these things need to be taken into account appropriately.

Unfortunately, this causes me a few problems outside of work. I tend to over-analyze things and confuse myself with questions that other people don't even think about and just do it right. I think about these things logically and sometimes come to the wrong answer.

This affects my golf too. I'm extremely analytical about everything about golf, and probably think far too much about things that if I just forgot about them I'd do them right anyway. The worst thing is I tend to do it between shots, so no two of my swings are never the same. This is probably why I'll top a ball hopelessly on shot and then only a few seconds later and with the same club hit a totally straight shot.

I need consistency, but am unlikely to get it until I answer these questions: remove the variables and make them into constants.


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