Monday, April 24, 2006

What's been happening

Well, a lot really. And not a lot. And... well, let me try to explain.

I've had a lot of 'bad 'timing luck' lately. Things keep happening just at the 'right' time to prevent me playing. So I've not actually played as much in the last couple of month as I'd have liked to.

Having said that, quite a lot has happened in the time that I have played. I'll briefly summarise here and then post separate post to add some detail (so this doesn't become a horrible long mess).

Very short version (in no particular order): had some group lessons, chipping getting better, goodbye slice, hello hook, bag change, broke 100 sucked again, sorta figured it out. I think.

Yes, I broke 100. :) I scored 96, playing from the white tees (I normally play from the blue). However, I don't think the tee change had much of an effect, as rather than getting firther up the fairway from the tee shot I found myself having to use shorter clubs than usual to compensate. The course I play on has a lot of dog-legs, so I had to club down to avoid overdriving.

This came about from the lessons I've had, which have opened my eyes a great deal and given me a better understanding of how the swing works, and how to tell what I'm doing wrong when I get it wrong. However, I'll leave this all to another post.

After I broke 100 I played again (from the white tees: I've been introducing someone new to the game) and I sucked. Royally. Nothing was working, though I put it down to a last-minute grip change I made to fix the hook I have with my driver. The last round I played was better (heading for 103 from the blues, but screwed up on the last hole). But I'm figuring it out and feel a lot more confident.

Erm, what else in brief. Oh yes, the slice is gone, except for one thing I keep doing, but that's specific. I used to slice each and every club in my bad, the longer the worse. Now I rarely slice it at all, and I have a draw, that becomes a hook with the driver. But I know why that is, I just need to convince my arms to stop doing what they're doing. :)

Anyway, I'll leave it here for now and post some detail later.


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