Monday, May 01, 2006

The lessons

I've now had four lessons; the first two of which were really useful. The third was about chipping and basically confirmed that what I was already doing was right. The fouth was full swing but with a different teacher, and he basically contradicted some of the things I'd learned in the first two lessons. Oh well...

But the first two were really useful. First, I was shown just how much I overswing. I was asked to do a half-swing, and did so, He said I'd basically just done a full swing, so I obviously swing back a lot further than I think I do. He also told me that I was standing too close to the ball and swinging too shallow.

The second lesson he told me I was standing too far from the ball and swinging too steep: I'd over-compensated. But this is where I learned a really useful bit of information. If you hit a shot fat, you're probably swinging too steep. If you're topping it, you're probably swinging too shallow. I'd not heard of this before, and since then it's removed a lot of the mystery for me about why my shots do what they do.


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